"Los Angeles Times" takes you to understand that electrolyzed water is abroad
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"Los Angeles Times" takes you to understand that electrolyzed water is abroad

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The Los Angeles Times is the largest daily folio in the western United States. Its influence and status are second only to the New York Times and the Washington Post, and it is known as the third largest newspaper in the United States.

The Los Angeles Times was founded in Los Angeles on December 4, 1881. It belongs to the "Times-Mirror Company" and is financially controlled by the Bank of America Consortium and also has a relationship with the Morgan Consortium. The newspaper has more than 100 pages on average and 200 pages or more on Sundays. The circulation often remains at 1 to 1.5 million copies. It has become one of the few major newspapers in the United States that sell more than one million copies, and its advertising volume It is the top newspaper in the United States.

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We have selected part of the content of this report and translated it as follows:

In a New York poultry slaughterhouse, electrolyzed water was used to kill salmonella on the surface of chicken. The Michigan jailer, a Minnesota grocery store clerk, cleans the cell and the prisoner's hands with electrolyzed water.


In Santa Monica, the Sheraton room service staff abandoned the bleach that chapped the skin and used electrolytic water spray to clean the toilet and sink.


"At first I didn't believe it because it didn't have foam or any smell," said the butler, Flor Corona. But I can tell you: it does work and our room is very clean.


Managers also like it, costing less than a penny per gallon of electrolyzed water. It reduces the harm of chemicals to employees. It reduces transportation costs and waste because hotel employees prepare electrolyzed water on site.


The hotel’s kitchen staff have recently started to use electrolyzed water, which can keep the lettuce for a continuous period of time. They also use electrolyzed water to wash dishes.


"It's environmentally friendly, and it saves money." This is the right approach," said Glenn Epstein, an administrative assistant at the Sheraton Delphine Hotel. "It's just like fantasy.


In fact, electrolyzed water is produced through chemical reactions. For more than two centuries, scientists have been studying the method of electrolysis to produce hypochlorous acid and use it for bleaching and disinfection.


"The sterilizing power of electrolyzed water is 10 times that of bleach," said Yen Con Hung, a professor of food science.


Griffin at the University of Georgia, he has been studying electrolyzed water for more than ten years. Think this is the safest disinfection product. "


The Russians use its electrolyzed water in mines to kill offensive microorganisms. Europeans use it to treat burn patients.


The application market in Japan is even greater. People spray it on sushi to kill bacteria; use electrolyzed water instead of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection of swimming pool water; doctors use it to disinfect equipment and treat crushed feet and wound sores. To use a small air purifier to clean Japanese taxis, the purifier uses electrolyzed water to protect passengers from leaking bacteria and odors.


Joellen Feirtag, a Minnesota food scientist, is doing research on improving electrolyzed water. Now she encourages food processors to pay attention to the use of electrolyzed water to help fight disease outbreaks.


Finally, Joellen Feirtag said: electrolyzed water will definitely become the mainstream, it is only a matter of time. "