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Is the hydrogen water cup used to drink water safe?

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In the process of preparing hydrogen water from the hydrogen water cup, healthy hydrogen water bottle suppliers-qinhuangwaterthe electrolyzed hydrogen-producing water used is the drinking water to be drunk. Therefore, the requirements for water electrolysis materials are relatively high, and good electrolysis materials are needed. The use of materials with poor purity (such as ruthenium, iridium, etc.) may cause drinking water pollution. The hydrogen water cup products on the market are of mixed quality, and you need to choose a good and safe hydrogen water cup to use, not just because the price is cheap.

Hydrogen-rich water cup produced by qinhuang water. The cup body is made of food-grade high boron lead-free plexiglass, which is safe and firm. The electrolysis electrode is a platinum-coated titanium electrode. The platinum-coated electrode is completely harmless to the human body. Titanium is a human-friendly material. The diaphragm of the electrolyzer adopts DuPont proton membrane, and the quality of the international brand is trustworthy. Each of our materials is carefully selected to provide customers with the safest and most practical fashion products.

If you are interesting the hydrogen water bottle, just free to contact us. We will let you know more about those products and help you build a good seals channel and products supply chain.

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