Is hydrogen water better for you?
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Is hydrogen water better for you?

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1. Is hydrogen rich water dangerous or harmful to the body?

According to our current knowledge, hydrogen rich water is very safe for human body.Firstly,the biological function of hydrogen rich water is inert gas,which is similar to nitrogen.Long ago, people used hydrogen rich water as a respiratory gas for diving medical research.A large number of studies have found that it is very safe for human beings to breathe hydrogen rich water under certain pressure,even if they breathe for a long time,they will not cause any obvious harm.More importantly,the pressure of hydrogen rich water for diving breathing is usually ten to dozens of atmospheres,while the pressure of hydrogen rich water for disease treatment is very low,so the safety of using hydrogen rich water for disease treatment is very high.

Secondly,there has always been hydrogen rich water of a certain concentration in the human body.Bacteria in the human large intestine can produce a lot of hydrogen rich water and most of the hydrogen rich water is used by other bacteria as energy materials, for example,it can be used by methanogenesis to synthesize methane.Some hydrogen rich water produced by coliform bacteria can be absorbed by the human body.A common intestinal disease is lactic acid intolerance.This patient lacks lactase in the intestinal tract and is unable to digest lactose in milk and other foods.When these lactose enter the large intestine,bacteria use these energy substances to produce hydrogen rich water in large quantities.The severity of this disease can be diagnosed by the concentration of hydrogen rich water in the patient's respiratory gas.From this perspective,hydrogen rich water has always been a gas in the human body,which is also an important prerequisite for the safety of using hydrogen rich water to treat diseases.

Thirdly,from the perspective of biological evolution,hydrogen rich water once played the role of energy supply in lower organisms,similar to the status of glucose in higher organisms.It was also mentioned above that human coliform bacteria can use hydrogen rich water.Recently, a new study found that deep-sea organisms use hydrogen rich water from the seabed as their basic energy source.Since hydrogen rich water can be used as an energy material, the gas is also relatively safe. Hydrogen Water-qinhuangwater Hydrogen Water-qinhuangwater

2. Which diseases can hydrogen rich water treat?

From the perspective of disease pathogenesis, oxidative damage is the most basic pathophysiological process of almost all diseases.Since hydrogen rich water is a selective antioxidant,it may have a therapeutic effect on most human diseases.A large number of animal experiments have also proved that hydrogen rich water can significantly treat more than 40 common human diseases by reducing oxidative damage, inflammatory damage,cell apoptosis and other pathological processes. For example,cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury is a familiar stroke; Ischemia reperfusion injury of heart seen in myocardial infarction and heart organ transplantation;Other important organs such as liver, kidney and small intestine are damaged by ischemia-reperfusion; Another example is various aging related neurodegenerative diseases,such as Alzheimer's disease,Parkinson's disease,diabetes and obesity;Such as various inflammatory diseases,such as arthritis,systemic inflammatory reaction, etc.If the selective antioxidant effect of hydrogen rich water is indeed correct,then hydrogen rich water will have therapeutic value for most human diseases.

It should be emphasized that although hydrogen rich water has potential therapeutic value for many diseases,so far,because there is no large-scale clinical evidence,no research can definitely affirm this clinical therapeutic value.It is gratifying that the clinical research on the treatment of diseases with hydrogen rich water is gradually increasing.For example,there are reports of effective treatment of hydrogen rich water in diabetes,renal failure, stroke, skin diseases,and damage caused by post radiotherapy of liver cancer.It is believed that with the in-depth development of research,especially clinical research,this question will soon have a clear answer.

3. Why can hydrogen rich water treat diseases?

In 1975,someone published a paper in the world famous journal Science,proving that breathing hydrogen rich water can treat malignant melanoma,which is a highly malignant tumor with very limited treatment methods.At that time, scientists believed that the occurrence of cancer might be related to the excessive oxidation of cells, and hydrogen rich water had a certain degree of reducibility.It was easy to associate with whether hydrogen rich water could treat malignant tumors through anti-oxidation.

The two problems encountered in the experiment were:

One problem is that it is very dangerous for animals to breathe hydrogen rich water,because hydrogen rich water will explode when mixed with air; Another problem is that hydrogen rich water is difficult to dissolve in liquid,which means that the amount that can enter the body is very small. Scientists solved the above problem by increasing the total pressure of the gas to 8 atmospheres,because on the one hand,it can reduce the concentration of oxygen to a safe range where it will not burn,and on the other hand,it can increase the concentration of hydrogen rich water dissolved in the body a lot. 

The experiment was successful.They proved that continuous breathing of 8 atmospheres of hydrogen rich water for 14 days can be very effective in treating malignant melanoma.Although this experiment was very successful,breathing high-pressure hydrogen rich water is a large equipment after all, and it is also very dangerous to operate.Since then, almost no one has carried out similar research.Another way to solve the danger of using hydrogen rich water is to reduce the concentration of hydrogen rich water to less than 4%, which can also avoid combustion or explosion.Because the solubility of hydrogen rich water is very low,no one accepted the view that such a low concentration of hydrogen rich water can cure diseases in the past. In 2007, the experiment of using 2% hydrogen rich water to treat animal cerebral ischemia by Professor Masao Taida of Japan Medical University was successful,which made the world's biological community once again focus on this small gas molecule. Taida Chengnan's most important contribution to the treatment of diseases with hydrogen rich water is to propose the hypothesis that why low dose hydrogen rich water can treat diseases,that is, hydrogen rich water can selectively neutralize toxic free radicals,which can also be said that hydrogen rich water is a selective antioxidant.So what is selective antioxidant?

Redox reaction is the most basic type of chemical reaction in organisms.For example,most aerobic cells obtain energy mainly through the oxidation-reduction reaction in which oxygen oxidizes energy substances.However, if the redox reaction in the body is not fully reacted, some intermediate products will be produced.These intermediate products often have strong activity. Reactive oxygen is a typical representative of such intermediate products.In the past, the biological community believed that reactive oxygen species (ROS) was the root cause of many diseases,and scavenging ROS should be an effective means to treat diseases.After years of research, people have tried a variety of reducing substances that can eliminate active oxygen, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, various food extracts,but found that these substances can not effectively treat diseases.Why is that?

With the in-depth study of reactive oxygen species,people found that reactive oxygen species can not only cause cell damage, but also an important regulator of cell function.Overscavenging reactive oxygen species can not only not cure diseases,but may itself lead to cell damage.It is also found that different types of reactive oxygen species play different roles in cells.For example,hydrogen peroxide is the most abundant reactive oxygen species in cells.Its role is mainly to play a positive role as a bioactive substance,while the content of hydroxyl radicals in cells is the least.Its main role is to produce toxic effects.Then how can we find a specific substance that neutralizes toxic reactive oxygen species,that is,a selective antioxidant substance to effectively treat diseases.In 2007,Japanese scholars found that hydrogen rich water can selectively neutralize hydroxyl radicals and has no effect on hydrogen peroxide.Therefore, hydrogen rich water is such a selective antioxidant,which is the most important basis for hydrogen rich water to treat diseases.