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Hypochlorous acid water comprehensively disinfects cold chain food

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Cold-chain food is thoroughly disinfected with hypochlorous acid water to fight the epidemic prevention and control

On November 7, a new confirmed case was found in Tianjin, which was a stevedore of Tianjin Hailian Frozen Food Co., Ltd., and the nucleic acid test result of a cold storage door handle was also positive.

It is not accidental to detect positive COVID-19 from cold chain logistics links. At present, the nucleic acid test of imported frozen products has been found positive in many places in China. According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 20 related incidents

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The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism comprehensive group issued the notice on Issuing the preventive and comprehensive disinfection work program for imported cold chain food in November 8, 2020. It pointed out that we should push forward the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation and make full use of the disinfection effect on the new crown virus based on the import of cold chain food new crown virus detection. Effective prevention of the novel coronavirus pneumonia imported through cold chain food (including edible agricultural products) to enter the risk, to achieve "safe, effective, fast and economic" goal.

At the same time, the work plan points out: the market supervision department should be responsible for on-site inspection and ticket and certificate collection, and urge the market founders and food producers to obtain the disinfection certificate of imported cold chain food goods issued by the disinfection unit. Those who can not provide the disinfection certificate can not be sold on the market.

1. Where do I need to disinfect during cold chain food processing?

1.1 cleaning and disinfection during production and processing

During the production and processing of cold chain food, an effective cleaning and disinfection system shall be formulated according to the characteristics of food raw materials and products, production and processing technology, processing personnel, production environment and relevant equipment and facilities, and the implementation and effect of disinfection measures shall be evaluated regularly. Specific disinfection objects include: food production and processing personnel, packaging of raw materials and semi-finished products, production and processing equipment and environment.

1.2 cleaning and disinfection during transportation and distribution

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Cleaning and disinfection objects in transportation and distribution process include: personnel, object surface, transportation tools

1.3 cleaning and disinfection during sales and operation

The objects of cleaning and disinfection in the process of sales and operation include sanitary hands and various surfaces frequently touched by hands.

1.4 cleaning and disinfection of catering processing

The cleaning and disinfection objects in the process of catering processing include: cold chain food contact surface, outer packaging and utensils, tableware (drinking) utensils, condiment containers, surface disinfection of high-frequency contact objects, garbage cans, sanitary ware, etc.

2. what disinfectants can be used in cold chain food processing?

In October 16, 2020, the State Council issued the New Coronavirus guidelines for prevention and control of cold chain food production and operation in the comprehensive prevention and control mechanism of the New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control mechanism group. Among them, "commonly used disinfectants and methods of cold chain food production and operation" partly indicated: hypochlorite disinfectants can be applied to the surface, fruits and vegetables, food and drink, air, hands, etc. Disinfection of skin and mucous membrane.

It is worth noting that the recommended concentration of hypochlorite disinfectant in "common disinfectants and application methods for cold chain food production and operation" is 50-200ppm.

3. Why is hypochlorite a more suitable disinfectant?

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Among the four kinds of disinfectants recommended in "disinfectants commonly used in the production and operation of cold chain food" the author thinks that hypochlorite disinfectant is the most ideal disinfectant in the process of cold chain food processing. The details are as follows:

(1) Hypochlorite disinfectant is widely used in the production and processing, transportation and distribution, sales and management process, without frequent switching of various disinfectants;

(2) Hypochlorous acid as a food additive or used for cleaning and disinfection of food processing has been widely used and supported by laws and regulations in various countries in the world;

(3) The hypochlorite water is produced by the equipment in time, which is prepared and used on the spot, without deployment, and the operation is simple;

(4) there is already solid evidence that hypochlorite can kill COVID-19. After the outbreak of the disease, the National Institute of infectious diseases, the University of North Korea, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine, Tottori University and QTEC testing center carried out an experimental study on the killing of COVID-19 by hypochlorite water. The results showed that below pH6.5, the effective chlorine concentration was more than 35ppm of hypochlorite (electrolysis / non electrolysis type). It can effectively kill New Coronavirus, and can be used as an effective disinfectant material against New Coronavirus.

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