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Hydrogen's safety

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For humans, is hydrogen as safe as water, food, and air?

The first thing that needs to be solved is its safety to the human body. This is a problem we have repeatedly emphasized when we introduce hydrogen. Regarding the above-mentioned problems in the use of hydrogen, our greatest confidence comes from diving hyperbaric medicine, as early as 80 years ago.  People began to try to use hydrogen as a breathing gas for diving activities (professional knowledge: the deeper the water, the higher the pressure of the breathing gas, otherwise the rib cage will be squashed by the water).

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Diving medicine has conducted in-depth research on the safety of hydrogen in the human body for many years (some people say that the evidence for hydrogen safety is insufficient. I think this is a discipline discrimination. Diving hyperbaric medicine is also a branch of science. There are a large number of research literatures confirming hydrogen Safety), and divers have used hydrogen for diving activities for decades. So far, it has not been found to have any adverse effects on the human body.

Therefore, the definition of hydrogen safety can be summarized as follows: As a natural gas substance in nature, it will not affect the normal functions of the human body after entering the human body, and has no toxicity and adverse effects on the human body. Long-term use has not found any cumulative damage.

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