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Hydrogen-rich water are widely applicated in sports

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As a kind of potable water, hydrogen-rich water has been studied extensively in the field of sports. Japanese scholars have studied the changes in oxidative stress damage indexes and antioxidant indexes of moderate-intensity endurance training rats before and after freely drinking hydrogen-rich water for a period of time. Lipid peroxidation damage caused by oxidative stress is significantly reduced, and the antioxidant capacity of rats is significantly improved. It is further proved that hydrogen-rich water has a certain protective effect on exercise-induced oxidative stress damage.

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Experts from Shanghai Medical University observed the effects of glucose, hydrogen-rich water and combined use of glucose-hydrogen-rich water on rats' malondialdehyde, muscle glycogen, and exercise endurance immediately after exhaustive exercise, and then evaluated supplementation after exhaustion The recovery of fatigue by hydrogen-rich water. The results show that the combined use of glucose and hydrogen-rich water can effectively reduce serum malondialdehyde, increase gastrocnemius muscle glycogen, and increase exercise endurance; when glucose alone is given, it can only increase muscle glycogen; When hydrogen-rich water is given alone, it can only reduce serum malondialdehyde.

Research by the Japan Sports Association shows that after high-intensity training for female judo athletes, supplementing the body with hydrogen-rich water can significantly reduce the level of free radicals, increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes, and enhance the total antioxidant capacity. The resulting lipid peroxidation of the body has a certain protective effect.



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