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Hydrogen generator's working principle

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Hydrogen production by pure water electrolysis

Send electrolyzed water that meets the requirements (resistivity greater than 1MΩ/cm, deionized water or double distilled water used in electronics or analysis industries) into the anode compartment of the electrolytic cell, and the water will be at the anode immediately after power on Decomposition: 2H2O=4H++ 2O-2, decomposed into negative oxygen ions (O-2), and then release electrons at the anode to form oxygen (O2), which is discharged from the anode chamber and carries part of the water into the water tank. The water can be recycled. Oxygen enters the atmosphere through the small hole in the upper cover of the sink. Hydrogen protons are in the form of hydrated ions (H+?XH2O). Under the action of electric field force, they pass through the SPE ion membrane and reach the cathode to absorb electrons to form hydrogen gas. After being discharged from the cathode chamber, they enter the gas-water separator, where they are removed from the electrolytic cell. Most of the water carried out, the hydrogen containing a small amount of water is absorbed by the dryer, and the purity reaches more than 99.999%.hydrogen water maker for sale - qinhuangwater

1. Zero pole pitch, high activity SPE catalytic electrode.

2. Bipolar multi-element electrolytic cell structure with excellent mass and heat transfer chemical process performance.

3. Selection of materials for bipolar multi-element electrolyzers with superior electrochemical, corrosion resistance, and passivation resistance.

4. Complete, perfect and reliable electrical automatic control system.

5. Electrolysis of pure water (no alkali added) produces hydrogen, no corrosion, no pollution, and high hydrogen purity.

6. The unit tank has low voltage, high hydrogen purity, and long desiccant replacement cycle

7. The electrolysis current is small, but the gas production is sufficient,

8. Fast boosting (3~5 minutes) Hydrogen voltage stabilization, steady flow output, and automatic tracking with changes in load gas consumption

9. High accuracy of voltage stabilization, complete and reliable automatic protection technologies such as water shortage, overvoltage, and waterproofing

10. Low noise (when users use, the fan basically does not start) High electrolysis efficiency, low power consumption.

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