How to make alkaline electrolyzed water?
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How to make alkaline electrolyzed water?

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The study found that alkaline constitution has stronger immunity than acidic constitution and is less prone to illness. Therefore, many businesses seize this point and launch various alkaline water products in the market. However, for some consumers, we still don't know what alkaline water is, the benefits of alkaline water, and who is not suitable for drinking alkaline water. Today's encyclopedia will lead us to know more about alkaline water.

What is alkaline water? Many people who do not understand it will mistakenly think that alkaline water is water with alkaline substances, but in fact, this is wrong. Ordinary water has a PH value of 7, which is neutral. Ordinary water is separated into oxidizing water and reducing water according to the principle of electrolysis. Acidic water (PH 7) and alkaline water (PH 7) are obtained respectively. Generally speaking, alkaline water is weak alkaline water, which is also called "soda water".alkaline ionizer water bottle for sale

It is learned that the PH value of normal people's body fluids is 7.35-7.45, showing weak alkalinity. Those not in this range will have sub-health conditions. In modern life, due to bad living habits such as staying up late and eating unevenly, as well as the impact of the harsh external environment, most people who were originally alkaline have gradually turned into acidic physique, and have problems such as slow metabolism, fatigue, emotional instability, and disease susceptibility. The role of alkaline water is mainly to help regulate these acidic physiques, so that the body can recover its weak alkaline health.

In recent years, some foreign countries have developed the habit of drinking alkaline water, especially in Japan and South Korea, they have also introduced equipment for making alkaline water by means of ion exchange. Alkaline water has good physical therapy effect on indigestion, stomach disease and constipation

What are alkaline water

Medical experts say that the body fluids of healthy people are weakly alkaline, and their constitution belongs to alkaline constitution. The health of people with alkaline constitution is generally better than that of people with acidic constitution. However, the data shows that more than 80% of our people have acidic constitution at present, which has a certain impact on the excretion of waste in the body and the activity of metabolism. Regular drinking of weak alkaline water can neutralize excessive acid toxins in the body, which is conducive to the excretion of toxins and the absorption of nutrients. What are alkaline water?

At present, the alkaline water on the market can be divided into two categories: one is the alkaline water made by the alkaline water dispenser (mostly for household use), and the other is the alkaline water products made by bottled drinking water enterprises (mostly bottled mineral water).

1. Bottled alkaline water

Bottled water sold on the market will be more or less dissolved with mineral components. Therefore, according to different components and contents of minerals, these water will be acidic or alkaline. The PH value of alkaline natural water defined internationally is greater than 8.0, while the alkalinity of bottled alkaline water does not meet this requirement, so it can only be said that it is neutral water with weak alkalinity. Therefore, consumers need not worry too much that drinking these bottled alkaline water regularly will lead to excessive alkaline concentration in human body.

The bottled alkaline water that everyone is familiar with is Nongfu Spring. It is understood that Nongfu Spring is a natural weak alkaline water with a pH value of weak alkaline (7.0-8.0). In addition, Wahaha, Watsons, Laoshanchun and other brands also have alkaline aquatic products, but people are used to calling them "soda water".

2. Alkaline water produced by water dispenser equipment

In recent years, the trend of drinking alkaline water has been set off in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and other countries, and gradually spread to China. Especially in Japan and South Korea, they developed and launched an electrolytic water generator that can electrolyze tap water into alkaline water. The working principle of the electrolytic water generator is to purify ordinary tap water first, and then disperse, reduce and rearrange the water molecular groups under the action of electric field energy through the positive and negative electrodes, so that part of the water has a positive potential and the other part has a negative potential. The negative potential is alkaline water, which can be directly used for drinking. The alkaline water produced by this kind of equipment is generally consumed by families, because a cheaper electrolytic water generator costs thousands of yuan.

What are the benefits of alkaline water

What are the benefits of alkaline water? The main function of alkaline water is to help regulate the constitution, so that people with acidic constitution can recover to weak alkaline constitution. Therefore, the benefits of alkaline water can be understood from its benefits after physical improvement.

1. Alkaline water is one of the choices for modern people to keep away from diseases and improve sub-health. The study found that if people with acidic constitution do not improve their acidic constitution to weak alkaline constitution for a long time, women's skin will easily become senile, children are prone to stunting and inattention, while the elderly are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. The above problems will be well alleviated by drinking alkaline water to regulate the acid-base balance of the human body and restore the body fluid to the normal weak alkalinity.

2. Alkaline water can solve constipation. A medical professor in South Korea conducted a clinical experiment on 15 patients with constipation for more than one year, and found that there was a significant difference between the patients with constipation before and after drinking alkaline water, and all the patients' symptoms were relieved. Later, it was found that the cause was that the large intestine of the constipation patient was too acidic, which made the blood circulation not smooth, and the secretion of lubricant was insufficient, which caused constipation. Drinking some alkaline water in proper amount could neutralize the acidity of the intestinal tract.

3. Alkaline water energy beauty

Acidic constitution tends to make people senile before they get old, resulting in skin laxity, increased wrinkles and memory loss. Regular drinking of alkaline water in an appropriate amount can maintain the acid-base balance of the human body and delay aging.

Who is not suitable for drinking alkaline water

Although alkaline water can help regulate the acid-base balance of the human body, not everyone is suitable for drinking alkaline water. So who is not suitable for drinking alkaline water?

Many people know that people with acidic constitution and subhealthy people often feel sore and tired. These people can supplement more weak alkaline water, which is good for health care. However, some people are originally alkaline. If they drink alkaline water to regulate the pH in their bodies, it will easily lead to excessive alkalinity in their bodies, which will damage their kidneys and cause many diseases of unknown origin. Therefore, people with alkaline body fluids should not drink alkaline water.

In addition, people with atrophic gastritis may not have alkaline water. Atrophic gastritis is an alkaline stomach disease due to insufficient gastric acid secretion. It needs acid supplement to neutralize the reaction. If you choose to drink weak alkaline water, it will only aggravate the disease.

In addition, the human signs of offspring with cancer genetic history are mostly alkaline body fluid and low body temperature. Such people should eat more acidic food in daily life, which is not suitable for drinking alkaline water.

Finally, when taking medicine, try not to take it with weak alkaline water, or it may react with some drugs and have adverse effects.

In short, whether you drink ordinary water or alkaline water in your daily life, you must make a choice on the basis of fully understanding your own needs.