Guidance on the use of new coronavirus in acid electrolysis water/hypochlorous acid water
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Guidance on the use of new coronavirus in acid electrolysis water/hypochlorous acid water

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New type of coronavirus infection, one of the most important is the prevention and prevention of mosquitoes. The new type of hypochlorous acid, as a chlorine-containing disinfectant, can inactivate human coronaviruses.

The hypochlorous acid disinfection equipment used in the filing of the new coronavirus should comply with the relevant national regulations on disinfection products. The disinfection equipment managed in accordance with the disinfection product must have an effective disinfection product hygiene safety evaluation report and meet the corresponding hygiene requirements; undisinfected product management The disinfection effect of medicine and equipment shall meet the corresponding sanitary requirements.

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Hand washing and disinfection: 60ppm electrolyzed water or hypochlorous acid water flows for 1 minute. When you take action on your hands, you should search for it first, and then disinfect according to the above methods. It is recommended to use running water, follow the six-step washing method, and scrub thoroughly.

Object surface disinfection: After cleaning, use the water meter above 60ppm hypochlorous acid to flow Sterilize by soaking for 3min-5min, or scrub with water for 5min. Frequently touched or touched solid surfaces, such as door touches, window buttons, countertops, tables and chairs, fingers, faucets, elevators, etc., are disinfected 2 to 3 times a day;

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It is not easy touching things to disinfect once a day. Air disinfection: use sol diffusion to spread continuously, use more than 60ppm polluted water or hypochlorous acid water for continuous spread, and the amount should be greater than 10mL/m3. While doing a good job of disinfection, keep the windows open for natural ventilation, at least 2 times a day, each time for more than 30 minutes;  If the window cannot be opened for ventilation or the ventilation is poor, electric fans, exhaust fans and other mechanical ventilation methods can be used.

Floor disinfection: After the floor is cleaned, wipe the floor with a mop disinfected with acidic electrolyzed water/hypochlorous acid water of more than 60ppm (should be wiped in the same direction); Fabric Disinfection: After cleaning, use acid electrolysis water/hypochlorous acid water above 60ppm to disinfect for 3min~5min. Tableware and cooked food containers: The disinfection of tableware and cooked food containers should be cleaned first, and then use mineral water above 60ppm/hypochlorous acid water to soak in running drinking water for 10 minutes.