Frequently Asked Questions about Electrolyzed Ionized Water Machines:
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Frequently Asked Questions about Electrolyzed Ionized Water Machines:

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1. How long does it take to replace the electrolytic plate and how much is the price?

The service life of the electrolytic cell is 5000-8000 hours, based on half an hour of daily use (2 liters of water can be produced per minute, and 60 liters of water can be produced), it can be used for 20-30 years, and basically there is no need to worry about changing the electrolytic plate

2. How much is the maintenance cost of the electrolyzed water machine?

The maintenance cost is that the five-stage pre-filter needs to be replaced every year, and a set of five is replaced once a year, which costs 200 yuan.

3. Does your water machine have a filter?

Yes, the principle of the electrolyzed water machine is to purify first and then electrolyze. There is a built-in filter inside the electrolyzed water machine. In Japan, because the water quality in Japan is very good, you can drink tap water, but in mainland China, you must ensure that the tap water is completely purified before drinking. We responsibly configure five-stage water purification devices for our customers! The built-in filter inside the machine, plus the five-stage filter we sent, is a total of six stages.

4. Is it necessary to equip five-stage filter?

Many manufacturers use secondary, tertiary or quaternary water purification devices, which cannot completely remove residual chlorine. Such electrolyzed water is also unsafe. Only electrolyzed water that is colorless when the residual chlorine reagent shows is safe enough and healthy electrolyzed water. We responsibly configure five-stage water purification devices for our customers! 100% complete removal of residual chlorine. It only costs 200 yuan to replace a set of filter elements, and it is more convenient to replace the filter elements, healthier to use, and more economical.

5. What about after-sales service?

The quality of the machines we are selling is very good, and we have not found any repairs. At present, the only problem is the snake tube. If the accessories are broken (such as the snake tube), call us and we will send you a new one. If there is a problem with the machine, you can express the problematic machine to us, and we will replace it for you. Yes, we pay for shipping.

6. What is the difference between lv500 and 800?

The lv500 electrolyzer has a service life of 6000 hours, based on half an hour of daily use (2 liters of water can be produced per minute, and 60 liters of water can be produced), and it can be used for 20-30 years. There are 7 levels in total, and the highest negative potential is -650mv.The lv800 electrolyzer has a service life of 8,000 hours, based on half an hour of daily use (2 liters of water can be produced per minute, and 60 liters of water can be produced), and it can be used for 30-40 years. There are 6 levels in total, and the highest negative potential is -800mv

7. I heard that the electrolyzed water machine in Japan is not suitable for the water quality in mainland China, is it?

There are two kinds of water quality, one is hardness, the other is whether it is clean or not.

Regarding the hardness, that is TDS, there is no problem. The suitable TDS range of Japan's Donghe water machine is 30-1200, with 48 adjustments. The water quality in the world is suitable. Regarding the cleanliness, indeed, Japan's tap water can be drunk raw , and the water quality in mainland China is not good. We use five-stage water purifiers to solve this problem. The five-stage water purifier is a direct drinking machine. The filtered water reaches the quality of bottled drinking water and can be drunk directly.

acid disinfection machine-qinhuangwater

8. How to use the electrolyzed water machine?

Alkaline 4: Used for stewed meat and fish to remove fishy smell, easy to cook soup, no yellow leaves in stir-fried vegetables, etc.

Alkaline 3: suitable for long-term drinking, with a refreshing and sweet taste, strong dissolution and penetration, and can promote metabolism in the body.

Alkaline 2: Cooking rice can make the rice fragrant, delicious and shiny, and it is not easy to rot and deteriorate. Making tea can remove astringency, clear brown color, and make coffee more mellow and delicious.

Alkaline 1: Due to the adaptation period of personal physique, this segment is the best when you start drinking, and you can gradually drink it daily after adapting.

Purified water: Purified water is better for brewing milk and taking medicine.

Acidity 1: External water and face washing have astringent effect and can play a cosmetic effect

Acid 2: Cleaning tableware has the function of sterilization and disinfection

9. Is there any harm in using electrolyzed water for a long time?

no harm. Electrolyzed water is the same as the water in the longevity area. People in the longevity area drink it every day. They use it for cooking, washing vegetables, and making soup to achieve the effect of longevity and health. How can it not be used for a long time? It just takes long-term use to be effective. Just like eating alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits, electrolyzed water is also an alkaline drink. Long-term drinking can only keep the body alkaline for a long time. Furthermore, electrolyzed water has been drunk in Japan for more than 70 years. As early as the 1960s, the electrolyzed water machine was designated as a medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (equivalent to the Ministry of Health of my country), and the electrolyzed water was used clinically; The water was originally produced through high-tech means according to the characteristics of the water quality in the Changshou area, and it has been verified both in practice and in theory.

10. Can alkaline electrolyzed water be boiled, and will it still be active when cooking soup with electrolyzed water?

Electrolyzed water is active water, and it is recommended to drink it raw. It can be heated appropriately in cold weather, but it should not exceed 36 degrees, and the maximum should not exceed 80 degrees. After the electrolyzed water is boiled, the potential rises, the oxygen content decreases, and the health care effect will be reduced, but it is still drinkable. When boiling soup with electrolyzed water, its activity will be lost as the temperature increases. However, the electrolyzed water is small molecule water, which can extract the umami taste of the soup; and the alkaline electrolyzed water does not contain chlorine, will not destroy the vitamin C in the vegetable leaves, can keep the green color of the vegetable, and the taste of the soup is good; at the same time, it has good thermal conductivity Well, the cooking time can be shortened.

11. How is it different from purified water?

The main feature of purified water is purity, which contains neither harmful substances nor minerals beneficial to the human body, and there is no hindrance to drinking it occasionally, but if it is used as drinking water for a long time, it is not good for health, especially for the elderly and Children, because a considerable part of the minerals and trace elements in the human body comes from water (please refer to the 2000.7.10 "Guangzhou Daily" or "Yangcheng Evening News" Xinhua News Agency). Alkaline electrolyzed water is based on purification, mineralization and electrolysis, so that the water becomes functional water, which is not only clean, but also has health care functions.

12. Why do some people feel dry throat after drinking strong alkaline water?

The surface of the skin is acidic, and the strong alkaline water has the effect of washing away the albumen (especially for those who drink it for the first time or those whose throat is prone to disease), so sometimes there will be a feeling of dry throat. This is a normal phenomenon and can be changed to a lower grade. Electrolyzed water for drinking.

13. Why is there a white precipitate after the electrolyzed water is stored for a period of time or boiled?

Minerals such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ in alkaline electrolyzed water are in an ionic state and do not contain relative acid radical ions, so they are very active and easy to be absorbed by the human body. Ca2+ and Mg2+ combine with CO2 in the air to form stable white precipitates such as CaCO3 and MgCO3. This combined calcium is the main component of calcium tablets and is harmless to the human body. To prevent this problem from happening, one is to keep alkaline electrolyzed water as much as possible and promote immediate drinking; the other is to heat it in a closed area (such as using a water dispenser).

14. How long can the activity of alkaline electrolyzed water last?

Electrolyzed water is active water, it is recommended to drink raw, the fresher the better. Its storage time varies according to the storage conditions: Generally, at room temperature and in an open state, the activity can be maintained for about 24 hours; it can be maintained for about 48 hours under dark and sealed conditions; Refrigerated, it can be stored for 30 to 40 days without much change in the characteristics of electrolyzed water.

15. What are acidic food and alkaline food?

Acidic foods include: rice, noodles, meat, seafood, eggs, sugar, desserts, tobacco, alcohol and most carbonated drinks. Alkaline foods include: fruits, vegetables, fungi, soy products, dairy products, kelp, seaweed, etc. The division of acidic food and alkaline food is not based on the taste, but on the basis of the final metabolites of this substance in the body. If the metabolites contain more minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, they are alkaline foods; , Sulfur, etc. are more acidic food. Therefore, although hawthorn and mature vinegar taste acidic, they are alkaline foods.