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Filling line for bottled hypochlorous acid disinfection water production

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Due to the continuation of the epidemic, the new crown pneumonia has spread globally for a long time, causing great harm and loss to people all over the world. Every citizen should raise their own safety awareness, disinfect them in time every day, and do a good job of sanitation.

Components of the hypochlorous acid electrolysis production line

The hypochlorous acid sterilized water bottled water machine production line developed by Qinhuang Water is composed of the following equipment:

1. Hypochlorous acid electrolysis water disinfection machine

2. Automatic 4-head liquid filling machine

3. Vibrating disk sorting and capping machine

4. Automatic capping machine

5. Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

6. Self-adhesive round bottle labeling machine

7. Labeling machine with additional ribbon coding

acid disinfection machine price - qinhuangwater

Electrolytic hypochlorite electrolytic disinfection machine, is through the diaphragm electrolytic salt water or no diaphragm electrolytic dilute hydrochloric acid, production concentration to 150mg/l hypochlorite. Effective chlorine concentration more than 60ppm has a good sterilization effect.

In order to commercialize the product, we can bottle high concentration hypochlorite water for sale. At the same time, our bottled lines are intelligent operation, convenient and fast, greatly saving the cost. At the same time, bottled hypochlorous acid disinfection water is sold into the market, easy to People's Daily life heavy use.

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