Explanation of hydrogen-rich water cup
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Explanation of hydrogen-rich water cup

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When buying things at home, we always compare our products with others. Even when shopping online, we need to review the products and see others' opinions. Especially when purchasing hydrogen rich water cups, one should be cautious and cautious. How to choose a cost-effective hydrogen water cup mainly depends on these aspects:

1. The core indicator for preparing hydrogen rich water is the concentration of dissolved hydrogen gas. It is widely recognized in the industry that only drinking water with a hydrogen concentration of over 800PPb can be called "hydrogen rich water". The higher the hydrogen concentration, the better. Like Nano Barber's hydrogen water cup, high concentration hydrogen water of 1200ppb~1500ppb can be prepared in 5 minutes, and multiple preparations can even achieve twice the supersaturation of ultra-high concentration hydrogen water. Teach everyone a simple method for detecting hydrogen concentration, which is unanimously recognized by the academic community as the redox titration method, commonly using the "dissolved hydrogen concentration testing solution" developed by MiZ Corporation in Japan. You can buy testing agents on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao.

2.  Looking at the safety of the product - we know that traditional electrolysis water technology for hydrogen production is prone to producing non hydrogen derived products, such as oxidants such as ozone and hypochlorite, which pose health and safety risks. So when purchasing hydrogen water cups, it is important to understand whether the physical and chemical indicators of water quality will be changed during the water production process, whether harmful heavy metals will be precipitated, and whether by-products such as ozone and acid ions generated during the electrolysis process will be effectively separated. A simple judgment method is to taste the prepared hydrogen water for any odor. When purchasing, you can choose a hydrogen producing water cup with hydrogen oxygen separation technology, which completely separates hydrogen and oxygen to ensure the health of drinking hydrogen water.

The hydrogen and oxygen separation type hydrogen water cup launched by Nano Barber is based on the self-developed fourth generation "proton membrane zero spacing pure water electrolysis technology", adhering to the use of more expensive pure titanium electrode substrates, which are not easy to detach and oxidize, and can ensure super stability during long-term work, which is conducive to the discharge of hydrogen production impurities such as chlorine and ozone that have adverse effects on human health. Only hydrogen gas is left to dissolve in water, resulting in a high concentration of hydrogen water and preventing ozone Harmful substances such as residual chlorine pose a health hazard.

3. Look at the selection of materials - first, look at the material of the electrode plate, a key component of hydrogen water cup electrolysis. Based on the three key indicators of electrolytic performance, service life, and safety, the industry recognized high-quality electrode plate material is titanium platinum alloy, and the basic qualified one is iridium ruthenium alloy; Ordinary metals cannot be used as electrode plate materials. Secondly, if membrane separation technology is used, it also depends on the type of membrane technology, which has a direct impact on product performance. Once again, check the quality of the water related components, whether they are food grade, and whether they are resistant to high temperatures.

Now, do you know how to choose a hydrogen water cup? Purchase Qinhuang hydrogen water cups to provide you with healthy water every day.