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Electrolyzed alkaline water's features and benefits

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The features of electrolyzed alkaline water

(1) The PH value is alkaline. The aging and diseases of the human body are caused by the accumulation of acidic wastes in the body. Electrolyzed alkaline water can neutralize the acidic waste of the human body, balance the acid-base value, and a healthy body should be PH7.35-7.5. Drinking, smoking, staying up late for socializing, stress and so on can cause acidic physique. Healthy cells are star alkaline, while cancer cells are acidic. The solidified acidic waste prevents the normal circulation of blood circulation and leads to adult disease (cancer). Gout is caused by excessive uric acid, and uric acid is caused by acidic waste in the body. People with gout cannot drink beer or eat foods such as seafood. Hangover is the reason that the alcohol in the blood is too acidic to be decomposed by the liver and travels in the blood. Therefore, drinking 500CC of electrolyzed alkaline water before and after drinking can prevent hangovers. Diabetes is caused by the accumulation of sexual waste in the pancreas and the pancreas cannot produce insulin normally. Therefore, when you are young, drink alkaline water and you will not have so many diseases that bother your health after middle age.buy alkaline water system - qinhuangwater

(2) Small molecular clusters, small molecular clusters have strong water penetration and solubility, which can promote metabolism, thoroughly detoxify and replenish water. The general water molecular cluster is composed of about 15 molecules, and the resolving micro-water is 5-7. The molecules form a cluster. Small molecular clusters of water can effectively emulsify oil, which is very helpful for people with obesity and hyperlipidemia. Constipation is caused by the excessive acidity in the large intestine and the slowing down of blood circulation. Nutrients cannot keep up. The intestinal wall cannot be separated. It is enough lubricant. The dissolving power and penetration power of small molecular clusters of water are more than three times stronger than ordinary water. , Can replenish the lost alkaline water. Then relieve the pain of constipation.

(3) Reduction potential, reduction potential is also negative potential. Water with negative potential can scavenge free radicals in the body, because free radicals are the source of all diseases and a symbol of acidic physique. Alkaline water with negative potential can instantly scavenge free radicals, which is environmentally friendly in the body, and will no longer suffer from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, constipation and other diseases.

(4) Contain trace elements and minerals in ionic state, supplement the trace elements and minerals needed by the human body. After electrolysis, the minerals are in the ionic state, and the ionic minerals will not precipitate and will not stone. For complete absorption and utilization, stone patients should drink more ionized water. The cause of hypotension is that calcium ions in the heart muscle are taken away by acid waste. Therefore, drinking alkaline ionized water that is rich in minerals can prevent heart disease. Because alkaline calcium ions can be directly absorbed by the heart. Kidney disease is formed because the weak acid salts of the kidneys solidify acidic wastes, which absorb calcium and magnesium to form stones. Therefore, using ionized water can prevent stones. Osteoporosis is due to the loss of calcium. When there is too much acidic waste in the body, the calcium in the bones will be extracted and the loss will be caused. When the calcium loss is 30-40%, it cannot be detected.

(5) The oxygen-rich water is living water, fresh water. Water without oxygen is stagnant water, and stagnant water is not suitable for drinking. It is rich in oxygen to metabolize waste more effectively, transport nutrients, promote blood circulation, and ensure nutrient supply. Drinking more alkaline water means to absorb a lot of nutrients, and then make the body cells active, full of energy and energy.

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