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Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite disinfectant water generator introduction

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Working principle of hypochlorous acid maker

Generally speaking, this device is for producing sodium hypochlorite disinfectant with only cooking salt and water as raw materials, and used for surface sterilization, air disinfection. The sterilization rate can be up to 99.99%.

OH- and HCLO- are produced by electrolytic water technology. Both OH- and HCLO- have strong oxidation, so they can sterilize efficiently and remove the electrons of residual pesticides, so as to destroy the molecular chain of bacteria, viruses, pesticides, effectively eliminate the virus in the air or any surface.electronic sanitizer machine price-qinhuangwater

Electronic sanitizer machine performance description

Sterilization and Disinfection: Produce efficient disinfectant which can kill all kinds of microorganisms including Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Poliovirus (polio), Avian influenza virus, Bacterial spores and Fungal spores in 2~10 minutes. Effective prevention of hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological inflammation, dysentery, cholera, typhoid and other diseases.

Purifying air: Remove bad odor and formaldehyde etc.,

Decomposing agricultural chemicals: remove the pesticides and herbicides residues in vegetable and fruits after soaking for 5~10 minutes,

Wide Range of Applications for home, office, restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, beauty salon, bathing center, etc. It can kill bacteria and virus on the surface of home furnishings like floor, tables, sofa, chair, doors, and pets or animal's living place, kitchen counter, kitchenware, air conditioners, refrigerators, toilet, toys, even hands and feet. No pollution, no residue, totally green and safe to use.

Application suggestions for different Effective chlorine content concentration

This machine is used for producing the effective chlorine content in the water for disinfection, ranging from 10mg/L to 600mg/L. In general, the requirement of chlorine concentration varies with different objects. View below table for details:

Disinfection Objects or Purposes

Effective Chlorine Concentration

Fruits, Vegetables, Skins, Swimming pool mats

10~25 mg/L

Eggs, Seafood, Child diapers, Masks, Household sprayer, Pets shower detergents

10~25 mg/L

Kitchenware, Toys, Underwear, Underpants, Bed Sheet, Sheet covers, Beddings in hotels and offices, Cars, Ships, Washing detergent, Fridge cleaning agents, Surface treatment agents.

25~50 mg/L

Tableware, Tablecloths, Bathroom curtains, Milk bottles, Cans, Towels and Bathrobes in the household and public pools, Rags, Bathroom scrubbing agent, Cattery, Kennel and Silkworm appliance.

50~100 mg/L

Cold drink machine and Kitchen cleaning rags in restaurants, Haircut utensils, Working clothes, Surgical masks, Spittoon, Urinal, Ward beddings, Door handles, Patient Clothing, Warehouse and Container for meat and seafood, Farms, Epidemic areas, Wound disinfection in accidents, Wards for infectious disease, Mortuary disposal.

200~300 mg/L

Bacterial reproducing areas, General bacterial-contaminated equipment.

300~500 mg/L

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