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Electrolytic cell's classification and working methods of

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The equipment or device that realizes the electrochemical reaction is called an electrochemical reactor, and it is called an electrolytic cell in industrial production. 

Electrolyzers have the following functions

1. All electrochemical cells are composed of two electrodes and electrolyte.

2. All electrolyzers are classified into two categories, namely, an electrolytic reactor that generates an electrochemical reaction on the surface of the electrode and electrolyte, and produces energy by spontaneously occurring electrochemical reactions on the interface of the electrode and the electrolyte. Chemical reaction device.electrolytic cell and electrolysis suppliers - qinhuangwater

3. The main process that occurs in an electrochemical reaction device is an electrochemical reaction, and it includes electric charge. quality. Thermal energy.

4 kinds of transmission processes such as kinetic energy. Subject to electrochemical thermodynamics, the basic law of the kinetic transfer process of the electrode process.

The electrolyzer industry can be divided into three categories

1. Box type electrolyzer

2. Filter press type or plate and frame type electrolyzer

3. Special structure electrolyzer

(1) Capillary gap and membrane electrolyzer

(2) Rotating electrode electrolyzer

(3) Three-dimensional electrode electrolyzer

(4) Zero-pole distance electrochemical cell and spe electrochemical cell

The electrolyzer can be divided into 3 types according to the working mode

1. Intermittent electrolyzer

2. Plunger flow electrochemical cell

3. Continuously stirred tank type electrolyzer or back-mixed electrolyzer

Link and combination of electrolyzer

1. The electrical connection of the electrochemical cell. It can be divided into unipolar trough and bipolar trough.

2. The liquid path link of the electrochemical cell. Can be divided into parallel and series

3. The combination of electrochemical cells. It can be divided into two categories: 1-Parallel or series of unipolar electrodes. 2 The series connection of the bipolar electrolytic cell group. The whole can be divided into a series of individual electrolyzers. b The series connection of two sets of electrolytic cells. c The electrolytic cell is connected in series with the current distribution line. d The electrodes are directly contacted in parallel. e Series system of bipolar electrode cell group.

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