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Electrolytic cell of the technical parameters

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There are the electrolytic cell instructions:

1.Water requirements: municipal pipe network tap water

A, Conductivity <80-120us/cm;

B, Hardness ≤5 mg/L;

C, Water pressure 0.1-0.2mpa;

D, Water intake: 180L/H

2. Technical parametersAlkaline ionized water electrolyzer for sale- qinhuangwater

A,  Voltage <DC36V (adjust according to the PH value of alkaline water outlet)

B,  Current 2-4A

C,  PH>7.5;

D,  Water yield ratio (acid water and alkali water) 1:1-1:4

3. Method of use

A, Vertical installation, inlet down.

B. The other two outlets are respectively drawn out with hoses, one for alkaline water (drinking water) and the other for acidic water.

C. Connect the positive and negative electrodes of the dc power supply to the two electrodes of the electrolytic cell as per the upper negative and the lower positive.(as below)                          

4. Attention

A, Connect water first when starting up, and turn on the power after the water flows out from the outlet. Turn off the power before turning off the water inlet valve.

B, The water outlet must be unblocked before water supply, and the water outlet must not be blocked or closed in the process of water production, otherwise the electrolytic cell will be damaged.

C, Water quality, voltage, current must meet the requirements.

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