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Economic Multifunctional Spray Instrument And Oxygen Hydrogen Rich Atomizing Beauty Machine






Net weight



Height: 140±2mm Diameter: φ30±2mm

Electrode materials

Titanium platinum alloy


Diaphragm Hydrogen-rich membrane

Bottle cap\bottom material

Bottle cap\bottom material Inner wall: food-grade ABS Shell: aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy + paint process

Bottle material

Bottle material food grade PC

Working time

Working time 2 minutes

The hydrogen content

The hydrogen content of the effluent is 800-1100ppb (depending on the water quality)

Oxidation-reduction potential

Oxidation-reduction potential Max:-650mv (depending on the water quality)

Battery Type

Battery Type Polymer Lithium Battery

Battery capacity

Battery capacity 3.7V/400mAh

Charging time

Charging time 3 hours

Power adapter specification

Power adapter specification "Input: AC100-240V/50-60Hz

Working times

Working times According to different water quality and different electrolysis time, it can be electrolyzed 20-30 times after full charge

Hydrogen-rich atomization beauty instrument is called Hydrogen Water Atomization Beauty Instrument abroad. The hydrogen-rich water beauty instrument uses the high reduction of hydrogen-rich water to accelerate the restoration of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer of the skin to slow down the generation of wrinkles and spots on the skin. Worse, use the small molecule properties of hydrogen-rich water to accelerate the penetration of the cortical layer to replenish the skin and slow down the skin's tightness and peeling caused by lack of water. The pH of hydrogen-rich water is neutral, which is suitable for all sensitive skin types. Avoid the allergic reaction of sensitive skin to the beauty water and the regret that it can not be maintained for years and hurts.

Ultra-fine particles bubbles: The generated ultra-fine particles bubbles and natural surfactant ingredients can completely remove the old waste materials in the deep pores and bacteria in the cutin, keep the moisture in the pores for a long time, and have a significant effect on skin moisturizing and improving skin diseases. Ultrafine particles decompose general water into nanoparticles of 5 (micro length) or less, which are off-white bubbles that cannot be discerned by the naked eye. The bubble size is much smaller than the size of 25 (micron) pores and can penetrate deep into the pores. It removes old waste materials and keratin in the pores, and can also produce high-tech bubbles that can significantly improve beauty and skin diseases through oxygen supply, water replenishment and sterilization effects.

High penetration technology, reaching the deepest layer of the skin

10CM spray full face coverage: The specially designed and customized nano-grade acupressure atomization sprayer can spray millions of drops of water with a 10CM range at a time. The water mist is fine and even penetrates the skin, replenishing skin cells with moisture.

Precious metal titanium-based platinum coating: TA1 grade titanium-based, polymer precious metal materials, military-grade painting technology. Produce stronger ion exchange results, anti-oxidation, and the effect of eliminating free radicals is further enhanced.

7 advantages of hydrogen-rich atomization beauty instrument

1. Make-up hydration: the strongest sun exposure in the afternoon, easy to take off makeup. Spray a layer of water after touch-up to replenish water and control oil, and also make makeup longer lasting

2. Make-up remover and soothing: spray a layer of hydrogen water after removing make-up to soothe and calm sensitive skin

3. Deep cleansing and removing dirt: Spray a layer of hydro-aqueous water before applying the mask to deeply clean the skin, which is more helpful for cell metabolism and transports the nutrients of the mask to the bottom of the skin

4. Maintain oral health: a simple spray of gargle, you can effectively reduce bad breath and oral bacteria

5. Calm the skin after exercise: You will sweat a lot during exercise, and the acidic substances in the sweat will damage the superficial skin and cause the skin to age prematurely. Spray a layer of hydrogen water to wash away the superficial sweat; spray another layer to replenish the moisture loss

6. Delay aging and remove free radicals: restore cells that have been invaded by reactive oxygen species through cell membranes, thereby resisting aging and having a fundamental cosmetic effect

7. Anti-freckle and whitening: Use hydrogen-rich water to wash your face every day, and wrinkles are significantly reduced. Research has confirmed that hydrogen can protect the type I collagen, improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and spots, and prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.

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