Did you drink hydrogen-rich water today?
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Did you drink hydrogen-rich water today?

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The reporter learned from the 2nd Hydrogen Molecular Biomedical Academic Exchange Conference held recently that hydrogen has been approved by the state as a food additive, and hydrogen-rich water will also be redefined as "hydrogen-containing drinking water". However, as hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen-producing water machines and other products are approaching the Chinese people, how to scientifically and rationally understand the relationship between hydrogen and health, and ensure the standardization and healthy development of the hydrogen health industry has become the focus of attention of all parties.

Molecular hydrogen biomedicine is on the rise

Recently, the 2015 "Second Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Academic" was hosted by the China Association for the Promotion of International Exchanges in Healthcare, undertaken by Beijing Vitality Hydrogen Beverage Co., Ltd., and co-organized by the China Health Promotion Foundation Hydrogen Molecular Biomedical Development Special Fund Management Committee. The exchange meeting and the second meeting of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Professional Committee of China Medical Promotion Association" was held in Beijing. Experts from the American Free Radical Biomedical Society, Yonsei University in South Korea, the Institute of Hydrogen Molecules in the United States, the Second Military Medical University, Beijing Tongren Eye Center and other units and research institutions expounded the role of hydrogen on human health from different perspectives.

Shi Yuguang, vice-chairman of the China Association for the Promotion of International Exchanges in Healthcare and former director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Food and Drug Administration, delivered an opening speech. Bai Shuzhong, chairman of the China Health Promotion Foundation, chairman of the Health Management Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and former Minister of Health of the General Office, said that with the rapid development of hydrogen molecular biomedicine, the establishment of a special fund to provide fixed-point support will help hydrogen molecular biomedicine Development injects strong impetus. According to experts, since the establishment of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Professional Committee of the China Medical and Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association, the industry has focused more on the research and discovery of the biological effects of hydrogen molecules, and has published many papers and won many awards. It will be fully supported by nearly 300 domestic and foreign experts and scholars.

According to experts, hydrogen molecular biomedicine is currently in fashion, and it is a popular subject in Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries. The attention and support of scientific research projects in this field in my country's medical community have also increased year by year. As of the end of 2014, more than 40 hydrogen molecular biology-related research projects have been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. From January to August 2014 alone, 10 new projects were approved, with a total funding of 3.61 million yuan.

Hydrogen health concept and research benefit the public

According to statistics, up to now, more than 600 articles have been published in the field of hydrogen molecular biomedicine worldwide, including 280 articles in China, 232 articles in Japan, and 121 articles in the United States. "Hydrogen is becoming a new means of clinical adjuvant treatment of chronic diseases, and it has been widely recognized by experts at home and abroad." As a research leader in the field of hydrogen molecules in my country and known as "the first person in domestic hydrogen molecule biomedicine", the second military medical university professor and doctor Student tutor Sun Xuejun said in an interview with this reporter.

As the chairman of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Professional Committee of the China Medical Promotion Association, Sun Xuejun, who has long been engaged in the research on the biological effects of various gases, introduced that the reason why hydrogen has been recognized by domestic and foreign medicine is that after years of research, it has been found that hydrogen can selectively neutralize toxic free radicals. The root cause of human aging, sub-health and various chronic diseases that are difficult to cure are toxic free radicals. The selective antioxidant effect of hydrogen molecules is far superior to that of vitamin c, carotene, lecithin and all other known antioxidants. More importantly, hydrogen has great human safety.

The methods of using hydrogen to treat diseases mainly include breathing hydrogen, injecting hydrogen-rich solution and drinking hydrogen-rich water. According to statistics, my country's clinical research experiments using hydrogen-rich water have been carried out in PLA 301 General Hospital, Union Hospital, Tiantan Hospital, Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Changhai Hospital, Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Hospital, Tianjin General Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Fourth Military Medical University, Taishan Medical College, School of Life Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, etc., the topics involve clinical and basic research on various diseases such as ophthalmology, burns, brain injury, severe hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis, and sub-health. The cooperation project "Protective Effect of Hydrogen Molecules on Oxidative Stress-Related Injury of Multiple Organs and Tissues" between Vitality Hydrogen Source Company and Taishan Medical College, which provides free experimental hydrogen-rich water for nearly 20 hospitals, won the "Shandong Science and Technology Award". "From the current global research results, it has not been found that hydrogen has any toxic and side effects on health. The research on hydrogen-rich water in China started late, and it is urgent to spread the health concept of hydrogen-rich water to doctors and patients, and benefit The general public." Sun Xuejun said.

Hydrogen-rich water is expected to develop in the normwater ionizer manufacturers - qinhuangwater

Shi Yang, deputy chairman of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Professional Committee of the China Medical Promotion Association and chief engineer of Beijing Vitality Hydrogen Beverage Co., Ltd., introduced that the concept of hydrogen-rich water originated from Japan, and hydrogen-rich water, a fruit of hydrogen molecular biomedical research, has been sold in Japan for many years. , Vitality Hydrogen Source took the lead in introducing it into China, using core invention patents to overcome the scientific problem that hydrogen is insoluble in water, becoming the only domestic company that produces bagged and canned hydrogen-rich water with corporate standards, and promotes the development of hydrogen molecular medicine and national health.

Shen Lijun, a promoter of hydrogen molecule biomedicine, introduced that hydrogen-rich water is called "hydrogen water" in Japan. Because of its special role in medical treatment and health, hydrogen-rich water has been widely accepted by Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries. In 2011, when nuclear radiation occurred in Fukushima, Japan, the local government purchased a large amount of hydrogen water and distributed it to the people in the polluted areas to prevent and control related diseases caused by nuclear radiation pollution.

Zhao Feihong, a well-known water expert and chairman of the Healthy Drinking Water Professional Committee of the Beijing Health Protection Association, told reporters that in the past year or two, hydrogen-rich water products have gradually become popular in the high-end water market, and many brands of hydrogen water machines at home and abroad have also appeared in the market. In the market, "more and more companies are coming to enrich hydrogen water, but we must develop the hydrogen-rich water industry rationally, and we must not rush into it. We must ensure the purity and safety of hydrogen-rich water."

"Hydrogen-rich water looks forward to the healthy development of the standard, and I hope that good things will not turn into bad things." Li Fuxing, the creator of the "Drinking Water Guidelines for Chinese Residents" and director of the Beijing Institute of Public Health Drinking Water, introduced in an interview with this reporter that he had many When I visited the Japanese and Korean markets for the second time, I found that the hydrogen-rich water production technology in these countries is also mixed, so when introducing foreign products and technologies, it is necessary to carefully examine and approve them.

Li Fuxing and Zhao Feihong, who have not drank tap water for 20 years, are called "the most expert couples who drink water in China" by netizens, stressing that hydrogen-rich water is good for health, but cannot cure all diseases. Hydrogen-rich water only plays an auxiliary role in improving some diseases, and drug treatment should be the main one. At present, there is no unified standard for hydrogen-rich water in the world, and there is no strict and standardized determination method for hydrogen-rich water. The domestic market has just emerged, and there are problems such as large price differences and uneven product quality. We call on my country to issue standards and measurement methods for hydrogen-rich water as soon as possible to regulate the booming market.

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Hydrogen-rich water is favored in Japan, South Korea and the United States

Hydrogen-rich water is popular in Japan, Korea and the United States. Japan is the first country to develop hydrogen water and put it on the market. After the positive scientific research results of hydrogen-rich water used in human health and disease treatment appeared, Japanese companies found business opportunities and actively participated in it. On the one hand, it promotes hydrogen-rich water to the health drink market, which is dominated by the general public. The first generation of hydrogen-rich water is transitioned to the application of nano-membrane permeation technology to produce the second generation of hydrogen-rich water. At the same time, hydrogen-rich water peripheral products with hydrogen as the core have been launched successively, such as hydrogen health care capsules, hydrogen-containing cosmetics, hydrogen-rich bath agents and professional equipment that can directly breathe hydrogen.

In 2009, Japan took the lead in breaking through the technical problem that hydrogen molecules are insoluble in water and produced saturated hydrogen water; in 2010, due to the hot sale of hydrogen-rich water, more than 30 hydrogen-rich water manufacturers appeared in Japan in a short period of time. In 2011, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan leaked, which brought a blowout growth to the hydrogen-rich water market. The annual online sales alone reached 20 billion yen, which is equivalent to 10 million Japanese households drinking continuously at the same time.

At present, hydrogen-rich water in Japan, South Korea and the United States is constantly segmenting the consumer market. Many brands focus on young and middle-aged elites, women's beauty and beauty, sub-health conditioning for middle-aged groups, improvement of physique or disease prevention for the elderly, sports drinks and even pets. Hydrogen rich water.

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The research on functional water in my country continues to deepen

"Water is closely related to human health, and the research on functional water is continuing to deepen." Li Fuxing, the creator of the "Guide to Drinking Water for Chinese Residents", a well-known water expert, and director of the Beijing Institute of Public Health Drinking Water, told reporters. What kind of water we drink and what kind of water we use determines our lifespan and health. In fact, many diseases and deaths around the world are related to contaminated drinking water.

Li Fuxing introduced that the different effects of drinking water on human physiological functions and life can be divided into three categories: the first is safe water. Safe water refers to water that is non-toxic, harmless, and odorless and can sustain life. The second category is healthy water. Healthy water refers to the long-term drinking of water that can improve the quality of life and promote health on the basis of maintaining life. The third category is functional water. Functional water refers to water that has auxiliary curative effects on certain diseases on the basis of maintaining quality of life and improving health. It is also called functional water in Japan and Korea.

With the implementation of the national standard of "National Food Safety Standard Packaged Drinking Water", China's drinking water market has attracted more attention. Especially the high-end water market is expanding at a rate of 80% every year. It is estimated that by 2016, the capacity of China's high-end water market will reach 12.5 billion yuan. With the progress of functional water research and the rapid expansion of the market, it will further change the market and consumption pattern of high-end water in China. "With the increasing demand for safe and high-quality water, my country's high-end drinking water consumer groups have gradually formed, and spending more money to drink functional healthy water that is suitable for themselves and beneficial to health has become a new concept of health." Li Fuxing introduced.

Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and least dense flammable diatomic gas that is widely distributed in nature, accounting for about 75% of the mass of the universe. Hydrogen has long been regarded as an efficient, renewable and most promising ideal energy source. After a lot of research, it has been found that hydrogen is also a substance that can play a great role in the prevention and treatment of human health and diseases. Sun Xuejun, chairman of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Professional Committee of the China Medical Promotion Association and a professor at the Second Military Medical University, said that the selective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of hydrogen molecules are clear. As far as the clinical research papers published around the world are concerned, the diseases involved in hydrogen molecular biomedicine include brainstem ischemia, Parkinson's disease, hepatitis B, bedsore, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, side effects of tumor radiotherapy, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, interstitial disease. Cystitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dermatitis, Constipation, Hypertension. As a new type of antioxidant, hydrogen has the unique advantages of selectivity, non-toxicity, no residue, and low price, which makes it have a good application prospect, especially in the field of public health care, and will exert great potential. Especially due to the great safety of hydrogen itself, hydrogen is expected to become a new means of clinical treatment and health care.