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Daily use of electrolyzed water

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The application of electrolyzed water

1. Wash the board for cutting vegetables and meat: The board for cutting vegetables and meat has crushed juice attached to the food and is covered with knife marks. It is a hotbed of bacteria. It is washed with acidic ionized water and can be sterilized. , Sterilization makes the cutting board moist and clean, making a non-polluting miscellaneous dish.

2. Washing of tableware and dishes: Acidic ionized water has strong bactericidal and washing power, so it is suitable for washing tableware, dishes, teacups, and it is bright and translucent after washing.buy alkaline water system - qinhuangwater

3. It can be used to clean utensils and tea cups. Because acidic ionized water has the dual functions of detergency and sterilization, it can be used to clean utensils and keep them clean. Glass and cups are often washed with acidic ionized water, and they can also become bright and shiny.

4. Polishing of mirrors and metals: Use acid ionized water to rub mirrors, glasses, glasses, kitchen knives, etc., easy to decontaminate, shiny cups, or cups with tea stains, or burnt black pot bottoms, soak overnight in acidic ionized water , It comes off completely, is easy to clean, and has a brand new look.

5. It can be used on wet towels. Use acidic dewatering on wet wipes that have been wrung out to keep the wet wipes from producing odor. You can also bring a picnic box when your child is hiking. Such wipes go.

6. It can be used for laundry. Before the laundry is dehydrated, if you can soak it in acidic ionized water before dehydrating, and then take it out to dry, the clothes will never smell odor even in the rainy season when the clothes are not easy to dry. produce.

7. Washing face towels, hand towels and wipes: wet face towels and hand towels are prone to mold, breed bacteria, and cause odor, which is annoying. Rinse with acidic ionized water, it will not grow mold and smell, and it can be kept clean.

8. Washing and processing of fruits and vegetables: cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, eggplants, soybeans, asparagus, etc., if they are washed or processed with acidic ionized water, they can maintain their natural color and have the ability to remove residual pesticides and Sterilization function.

9. Swimming in summer is an activity to cool off the heat. After swimming, it is best to rinse the body with acidic water. Because the pool water is not clean, there is a possibility of infection of skin diseases and eye diseases, swimming in the sun, face, shoulders and other delicate skin , There will be burning and pain, please moisten it with acidic water. Apply facial tissue to the painful area to reduce inflammation and relieve pain

10. Diaper rash often makes babies cry and cry. Wash the affected area with acidic water and place it on a tissue moistened with tissue paper. After that, the child will feel dawn.

11. The baby will take a bath with acid in summer, the baby will feel refreshed, and use facial tissue soaked in acid water to paste on the affected area, the effect is good.

12. After the clothes are cleaned with washing powder, there will still be part of the fluorescent agent that is not good for the skin after washing with water. Add acidic water to the washing tank and soak and then wash it. It can be completely clean.

13. Use acidic water to rinse your mouth to make your breath fragrant.

14. Suitable for making sweet and not spicy: When making fish and shrimp noodles, if acidic ionized water is added, it will be crispy and delicious when fried

15. Suitable for cleaning items when cleaning rice, corridor tiles and other places, if you use acidic ionized water to clean, not only is it easy to decontaminate, but the acidic ionized water dries quickly without stickiness.

16. It is suitable for polishing or polishing items with acid ionized water to wipe glasses, mirrors, glass or kitchen knives, etc. It is not only easy to decontaminate, but also bright and clean.

17. Suitable for car washing. When washing cars, bicycles and motorcycles, please use acidic ionized water, which not only decontaminates quickly, but also shines as new.

18. It is suitable for cleaning bowls stained with tea stains and burnt pots, soak them in acidic ionized water for one night, and the dirt on the bowls and pots can be completely removed and dried.

19. It can be used for bathing water or cleaning the bath tub. Add one to three buckets of water in the bath tub and then heat it. The water will boil quickly, which can save a lot of gas costs. In addition, scale is not easy to adhere to the bathtub, and the water is not easy to be dirty, so even if the water is re-boiled, it will not produce a bad smell. Because of this, it can also save a lot of tap water money.

20. It can be used to maintain pets. Acid ions can be used to maintain pet hair, which can promote pet hair to be shiny and beautiful.

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