Benefits of Using a Hydrogen Inhalation Device
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Benefits of Using a Hydrogen Inhalation Device

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What are the benefits of hydrogen to human body? 

Those who have studied chemistry should all know hydrogen. Hydrogen is a highly combustible gas under normal temperature and pressure. Colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless and insoluble in water. So, what are the benefits of hydrogen to human body?

What are the benefits of hydrogen to human Health

1. Hydrogen has the characteristics of selective antioxidation.On the basis of selective antioxidation, hydrogen also has therapeutic effects on oxidative damage, inflammatory reaction, cell apoptosis and abnormal vascular proliferation in the process of various diseases.

2. Hydrogen Inhalation machine has therapeutic effect on central nervous system diseases.Since the discovery of hydrogen biological effect,hydrogen has obvious protective effect on the dysfunction of central nervous system diseases represented by cerebrovascular diseases and senile dementia.

3. Hydrogen has therapeutic effect on cerebrovascular disease.Breathing hydrogen has an ideal therapeutic effect on hypoxic-ischemic brain injury caused by neonatal asphyxia. It is found that hydrogen has an inhibitory effect on the activity of apoptotic enzymes of nerve cells after hypoxic-ischemic brain injury. The decline of apoptotic enzyme activity leads to the reduction of neuronal apoptosis and the reduction of neuronal necrosis. Thus, it can reduce the brain damage and protect the brain function after adulthood. Hydrogen Inhalation Machine-qinhuangwater

4. Hydrogen has therapeutic effect on neurodegenerative diseases.Parkinson's disease is a disease caused by the death of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra of the brainstem nucleus.It is often a secondary manifestation of many other neurodegenerative diseases,such as senile dementia.

5. Hydrogen has therapeutic effect on liver disease.Long term drinking hydrogen water can not only fight against fatty liver, but also significantly reduce the proportion of fatty liver transformed into liver cancer in late stage, that is to say, it can reduce the possibility of fatty liver developing liver cancer.Hydrogen can play a role in reducing weight and treating fatty liver by promoting an important signal molecule FGF 21. As a selective antioxidant, hydrogen has an effective and obvious therapeutic effect on liver ischemia, drug-induced hepatitis, cirrhosis caused by bile duct obstruction, fatty liver and other types of liver diseases.

What are the benefits of Hydrogen 

1. What are the benefits of inhaling hydrogen? And of hydrogen on hypertension

Although preliminary scientific experiments show that hydrogen has no obvious effect on lowering blood pressure, it can protect blood vessels from damage caused by hypertension and trachea from damage caused by hypertension.

2. Benefits of hydrogen to diabetes

This is an important benefit, because if diabetes is serious, you can't control your blood sugar well. There are serious retinal, renal, and neurological complications. Some complications, such as diabetes, may lead to amputation. Many animal experiments show that hydrogen can reduce blood sugar. In practice, many patients take hydrogen to control blood sugar very well. After taking hydrogen for several months, blood sugar is normal, and patients often take the initiative to tell us how excited they are.

3. Benefits of hydrogen on hyperlipidemic fatty liver

The effect of hydrogen on hyperlipidemia and fatty liver seems to be certain at present. In practice, simple drinking hydrogen water can play a significant role in reducing blood lipids and liver fat infiltration. Large doses of hydrogen inhalation or increasing the concentration of hydrogen water will make the treatment better.

4. Benefits of hydrogen on hyperuricemia and gout

The human rights study on hydrogen reducing blood uric acid content found that drinking 1.0 ppm (0.5 mmol/l) hydrogen rich water for 3 months can significantly reduce blood uric acid content (up to 60 micromol/l). Gout is generally caused by high uric acid. It is observed that drinking hydrogen water can relieve gout.

5. Hydrogen can achieve the benefits of weight loss by adjusting the body state.

6. Ten benefits of hydrogen to human body, and the regulation of nervous system diseases

7. Animal studies have proved that hydrogen inhalation can prevent and improve Alzheimer's disease, and hydrogen can fight against brain aging and improve learning and memory ability.

  • Benefits of hydrogen on Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is a research hotspot of hydrogen medicine. First, animal experiments proved that drinking hydrogen water can delay the occurrence and development of Parkinson's disease. In terms of population research, first of all, a study of about 20 people also confirmed that drinking hydrogen water of 1000ml/day for 48 consecutive weeks (nearly a year) can significantly improve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease patients. Subsequently, a population trial of nearly 200 people further confirmed this result. More attractive is that in 2022, Japanese hydrogen medicine researchers carried out a study on the therapeutic effect of hydrogen water on Parkinson's disease in 17 centers. It should be said that the improvement effect of hydrogen water on Parkinson's disease is very positive.

  • Benefits of hydrogen on stroke

In 2022, Japanese scientists reported for the first time that 2% hydrogen inhalation can treat cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury and reduce the area of cerebral infarction, opening a milestone in hydrogen medicine research. Later, a large number of studies confirmed the protective effect of hydrogen on brain injury. These studies suggest that hydrogen can be used in the first aid of cerebrovascular accidents to assist various first aid measures, reduce the risk of death as much as possible, and reduce the occurrence of sequelae of stroke.

Generally, timely rescue after the stroke can save lives, but the occurrence of a stroke means that the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems have occurred. The recurrence rate of cerebral apoplexy is extremely high. Taking Beijing as an example, the recurrence rate of cerebral apoplexy is about 27%. The use of hydrogen in the process of stroke rehabilitation can well prevent the recurrence of stroke, promote the repair and renewal of brain cells, and is of great value for stroke rehabilitation.

 The benefits of hydrogen for depression

In 2022, for the first time, some scholars reported that hydrogen can improve the depressive tendency by giving hydrogen water. Then some scholars proposed that inhaling hydrogen can also significantly improve the performance of depression, reduce anxiety and abnormal behavior, which suggests that hydrogen may also have a good effect on neuropsychological diseases.

Ten benefits of hydrogen to human body: circulatory system diseases

1. Benefits of hydrogen on atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis has a very long course, and may have early changes in childhood. Many drugs and health products that people take now have the fundamental effect of preventing the occurrence and development of atherosclerosis. Compared with them, hydrogen can interfere with atherosclerosis inducing factors such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and hyperuric acid, reduce vascular damage caused by hypertension, and prevent atherosclerosis

The formation of stable and easy to fall off arterial soft plaque can be said to protect the blood vessels from harm in an all-round way. It should be said that hydrogen can play an irreplaceable role in the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Simply drinking hydrogen water can achieve the goal of protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular in daily life. Compared with the unsustainable and high cost of other drugs and health products, hydrogen water is a very simple and easy to achieve means, and is also the best choice to prevent atherosclerosis and other vascular problems.

2. Benefits of hydrogen on coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction

Based on the good prevention and treatment effect of hydrogen on atherosclerosis, it can be said that hydrogen can fundamentally prevent the occurrence and development of cardiovascular diseases. The use of hydrogen by people with coronary heart disease can significantly slow the development of the disease and protect the heart. Therefore, hydrogen is an important means of protection for these diseases.In addition to the protective effect of hydrogen on cardiovascular diseases in the management of chronic diseases, many scholars have confirmed the therapeutic effect of hydrogen on acute myocardial infarction. Hydrogen inhalation in the rescue process of patients with myocardial infarction can reduce the death of myocardial cells as much as possible, protect the heart function and help save lives. It can be said that hydrogen is not only a means of health care and rehabilitation, but also an auxiliary way of first-aid treatment. The first-aid effect on myocardial infarction confirms this. In the future, hydrogen may play an important role in the field of first-aid.

3. The benefits of hydrogen for cardiac arrest: prevent brain damage and neurological sequelae caused by cardiac arrest.

4. The benefits of hydrogen to human body, respiratory diseases and hydrogen

5. Benefits of hydrogen for lung disease

Because of the significant protective effect of hydrogen on various injuries, the damage of various harmful factors to the respiratory tract and lungs, and the clinical research on whether hydrogen inhalation can improve various lung diseases that have occurred, hydrogen can effectively reduce the degree of injury. For example, some scholars have published articles proving that hydrogen has a very good preventive effect on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (commonly known as emphysema) caused by long-term smoking, and experiments have confirmed that hydrogen can reduce the severity of asthma attacks and improve lung function. Therefore, from the perspective of prevention, hydrogen can well protect all kinds of cells in the respiratory system and reduce the probability of various lung diseases.

Judging from the significant anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen, hydrogen inhalation should be able to play an auxiliary role in the treatment of various lung diseases. Long term use of hydrogen is of great significance in slowing down the progress of the disease and improving the quality of life of patients.

6. Benefits of hydrogen on lung cancer

It is clear that hydrogen can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy of many tumors, including lung cancer, and improve the quality of life. At the cellular level, it was found that hydrogen can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and the tumor growth of lung cancer mice began to slow down, but there is no evidence to prove that hydrogen can treat lung cancer. Although there is no population study, it is still recommended that many patients with advanced lung cancer can use hydrogen for adjuvant treatment. At least hydrogen can play a good role in enhancing the body's antioxidant capacity and regulating the body's immune function, helping patients fight against cancer, prolong their survival time and improve the quality of life in the late stage of cancer.

7. Hydrogen has protective effect on haze induced lung injury.

8. Other benefits of hydrogen to human body

9. Hydrogen for digestive, urogenital problems

This is a reminder that Japanese scholars have confirmed that the intestinal flora of long-lived people has a stronger 'hydrogen production capacity' than ordinary people, and experts have confirmed that hydrogen can regulate the gene expression of intestinal flora. These studies suggest that the medical effect of drinking hydrogen water may occur due to the interaction between hydrogen and intestinal flora.

10. Benefits of hydrogen to skin and unrelated problems

For skin problems, Japanese scholars have studied more about hydrogen bubble bath. In addition, hydrogen bubble bath or external application has a good effect on a class of skin diseases with serious skin damage, lingering, repeated attacks, and extremely difficult to treat.

 The benefits of hydrogen in health care

Summary of ten benefits of hydrogen on human body

Ten biological functions of hydrogen: 

1. Beauty and anti-aging; 

2. Metabolic regulation; 

3. Immune regulation;

4. Tissue repair; 

5. Anti inflammation; 

6. Anti allergic; 

7. Radiation resistance;

8. Fatigue resistance;

9. Anti cell mutation; 

10. Anti apoptosis.

There are many benefits of hydrogen, the most exciting effect is that hydrogen can control cancer, and hydrogen has an unprecedented role in health care, especially for diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other hypoglycemic problems.The greatest advantage of using hydrogen to control cancer or prevent health care is that it is cheap and cost-effective. At present, as long as there is a hydrogen absorber, you can continuously produce hydrogen for breathing, or pass hydrogen into water to produce hydrogen rich water with high concentration.According to more than 1000 hydrogen medical research literatures, hydrogen has many functions and effects on the human body. The most basic role is selective antioxidation, which can bring many benefits.