Benefits Of Alkaline Kettles for Daily Drinking Water
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Benefits Of Alkaline Kettles for Daily Drinking Water

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Why Should People Drink Weakly Alkaline Water

In the process of long-term evolution, the human body has formed a relatively stable and slightly alkaline internal environment. Normal people's blood pH (pH) should be around 7.4 (7.35-7.45). This constant phenomenon of pH is called acid-base equilibrium. But this part of the population only accounts for about 10% of the total population, modern people's eating habits, intake of acidic food too much, so that the human body is much more acidic than alkaline. More people have a pH of body fluids below 7.35, and the body is in a sub-health state between health and disease.

Newborn babies generally belong to weak alkaline body fluids, but as we get older, it is with the pollution of the external environment and abnormal living and eating habits in the body, so that our system gradually turns acidic. The alkaline content in human body fluids (including blood) shows a downward curve, indicating the degree of acidification, which means more and more aging.

In order to delay aging, modern people began to pay attention to the health of drinking water, and advocated drinking weak alkaline water, that is, natural water with a PH value of 7.1-7.8. Fashionable women love to eat fruits and vegetables, also because these substances are naturally metabolized in the body to form alkaline substances. In fact, water is a better "neutralizer" than vegetables and fruits, and natural minerals in water can be directly absorbed by the body without metabolism, playing a role in maintaining fluid balance.

Modern medicine proves that when the human body system is weakly alkaline, the body will feel good; On the contrary, there is often a feeling of tiredness and try to feel uncomfortable. Due to eating habits such as meat and greasy, modern people have most of the system sour. American medical scientist and Nobel laureate Professor Leon believes that the acid system is the source of all diseases. When more and more acidic substances are in the body, quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes, which will cause diseases.

The Benefits Of Weak Alkaline Water

Weakly alkaline water is an alkaline food that can change our unhealthy acidic constitution. When the pH of the blood is weakly alkaline, it is called alkaline constitution, and the body is vibrant, healthy and immunological. Acidic constitution makes cell function worse, metabolism slow, organ function weakened, so it is easy to get a variety of diseases. This is why the better we eat, the worse our health becomes.

The acidity and alkalinity of food are divided according to the final metabolites of this food in the body, therefore, acidic foods include: rice, noodles, meat, seafood, eggs, beverages, sugar, tobacco, alcohol (except wine, it is alkaline food); Alkaline foods include: fruits, vegetables, soy products, dairy products, kelp, etc., of course, if we turn the most important water into weakly alkaline water, then our diet will be more changed, we cannot not eat acidic food, and the way to change the acidic constitution is to drink weakly alkaline water! Ordinary water and oil are incompatible, but weak alkaline water small molecule group water can dissolve oil, of course, it can help us remove excess fat in the blood and body.

Alkaline Kettle

Tea with weakly alkaline small molecule water     Tea with ordinary water

The Harm of Acidic Constitution

Compared with alkaline physique, acidic physique often feel physical fatigue, memory loss, lack of concentration, backache and leg pain, and can not find anything wrong with the hospital examination, if you do not pay attention to improvement, continue to develop will cause diseases. To change this sub-health condition of the body, it is not enough to change food and take medicine. Since 75% of the human body is made up of water, scientists have found that 75% of diseases, especially some incurable diseases, are related to citing unhealthy and water. How to prevent the occurrence of these diseases, we can use weak alkaline water to improve physical fitness. A scholar in the former Soviet Union, Dilf Klitz, once said: the human body ingests melted fresh snow water, can freely pass through the esophageal wall, enter the human organs, promote the overall health of the body, and have the effect of restoring youth. What the scholar calls "melting snow water" is weakly alkaline water with a resemblance to active water. Uric acid is the culprit of shoulder pain, low back pain and gout, and many people suffer from this pain. In ordinary tap water, on average, only 11.7 mg of uric acid can be dissolved per 100 mg; but weak alkaline levels can dissolve 21.3 mg of uric acid, about twice the former. Therefore, people who continue to use weak alkaline active water can effectively excrete uric acid in the body that causes adverse effects, so that people can be freed from painful troubles. It is generally believed that gout is a disease that is difficult to cure, but in the experience of Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, a Japanese drinking water expert, as long as people continue to use weak alkaline active water for half a month to a month, the uric acid value data in the blood will drop significantly.

The Benefits of Weak Alkaline Water for Women

The human body is acidic constitution, acid constitution makes people age first, skin laxity, wrinkles increase, memory loss, supplement some peak alkaline water intake can maintain acid-base balance, alkaline food has many benefits for the body, essential for beauty, full and smooth skin can not be separated from the moisture of water, for bathing and washing the face can reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, luster and brightness. Now women love to eat fruits and vegetables because these substances are naturally metabolized in the body to form alkaline substances. In fact, weakly alkaline water is a better "neutralizing agent" than vegetables and fruits, and the natural minerals in the water can be directly absorbed by the human body without metabolism, which plays a role in maintaining fluid balance, preventing constipation, and skin bodybuilding.

Obtaining Weakly Alkaline Water

Of course, the simplest way, and now seems the only way, is to participate in what Japan and South Korea did: to produce small molecular clusters, weakly alkaline water activators. In this way, you can directly open the faucet, you can drink healthy weak alkaline water, can also be used for beauty, it is a variety of skin care products compete to develop weak alkaline.

Without food, people can survive for weeks, but without water, life can only last a few days. The health of water and the health of the human body are closely related, and if you want to have a healthy life, you must first make the water that accounts for 70%~80% of the human body full of health and vitality. "Water quality determines physical fitness", "good water = health" ensures sufficient intake of healthy water, which can not only effectively eliminate harmful wastes in your body, but also fundamentally enhance the body's immune function and assist patients to recover as soon as possible. Healthy water is the cheapest, most effective and safest weakly alkaline water. It has a good effect on the body's regulation of excess body fluids.

There are many people who solve the problem of constipation because of drinking weak alkaline water, Dr. Choi, professor of medical internal medicine at Seoul National University in South Korea, concluded that constipation patients have obvious differences before and after drinking weak alkaline water, and all people's symptoms have been relieved, and the patient's conscious symptoms have also improved significantly, the large intestine secretes lubricant in the wall of the large intestine in order to smooth laxation, because the large intestine is too acidic to get blood circulation is not smooth, the constipation of the lubricant is insufficient and causes constipation.

The characteristics of weak alkaline water of small molecular groups treated by water revitalizers, the main components of which are pure natural, highly active and weakly alkaline. Contains a variety of trace elements, produces efficient hydration in human body fluids, can quickly enter human organs and cell tissues, metabolize and eliminate long-term accumulation of acid wastes and toxins in human body fluids, regulate and improve the acid-base balance of human body fluids, and quickly restore human body fluids to a healthy state. It is recognized worldwide as the most ideal water.