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Application of electrolyzed water in agriculture

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The pollution of the agricultural environment and the harm to people's health have become an important social problem at present. The search for new non-polluted biological agents and the development of new physical agricultural solutions have become important topics for the current circular and sustainable agricultural development.


In 1954, Japan successfully developed the first civilian electrolysis device, which was mainly used in agricultural production. About 20 years ago, Japan put forward the slogan "to march toward drug-free agriculture". One of the technologies it relies on is electrolyzed water technology.

 electrolyzed water machine

1. Seed soaking in electrolyzed water

Acidic electrolyzed water can be used for seed treatment before sowing in agricultural production. Seeds treated with acid water can not only kill germs stored outside the seed coat, but also improve the permeability of the seed coat, which is conducive to the expansion and water absorption of the seed. ; At the same time, functional water with high redox potential can also promote the repair of seed cell membrane permeability to a certain extent.


2. Application of Acidic Electrolyzed Water in Plant Disease Control

Utilizing the bactericidal mechanism of acidic electrolyzed water, it can be used to prevent and control crop diseases on a large scale, such as seedling wilt, damping-off, peach piercing disease, rice bacterial streak and other bacterial diseases; Fungal diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, rust, and black spot of grapes and fruits; even some viral diseases of vegetables can be effectively prevented.


3. Electrolyzed water promotes plant growth and increases yield

In agricultural production, most of the salts used to prepare electrolyzed water, usually potassium chloride, because potassium chloride not only contains chlorine, which can produce hypochlorous acid, but also contains a large amount of element potassium required by plants. Alkaline water is mainly composed of potassium hydroxide. Regular spraying of alkaline water can significantly improve the sugar content and color of fruits and vegetables, which is related to the biological effects of potassium.


4. Electrolyzed water improves soil

Traditional soil acid-base adjustment is mostly the method of applying sulfur in alkaline soil and applying quicklime in acid soil. Although these chemical methods can also play a regulatory role, the residual effect of sulfur and calcium will affect the reasonable mineral element structure of the soil. It will affect the absorption and fixation of certain elements, and at the same time, the improvement cost and the environmental pollution caused are greater. Choosing electrolyzed water as a soil improvement regulator is the easiest and no chemical pollution method. Now, developed Japan has been widely used. If the soil is too alkaline, just water directly with acid water. If it is too acidic soil, apply alkaline water until it is adjusted to the pH range suitable for the growth and development of crops.

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