Alkaline Water Systems - What Are They Used For?
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Alkaline Water Systems - What Are They Used For?

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Alkaline Water Systems - What Are They Used For?

The way to drink water is the way to keep healthy. The new health revolution has started from weak alkaline water! Healthy people's internal environment is weakly alkaline, with a PH value between 7.5 and 8.0. At this time, they are full of vitality and have strong immunity. Professor Leiweng, an American medical expert and Nobel laureate, has concluded through research that acidic constitution is the "source of all diseases". Acidic constitution will affect the normal metabolism and organ function of the human body, resulting in the accumulation of wastes in the body and the aggravation of the body burden.

Weak alkaline water has the following characteristics

1、 Strong penetration, improve human microcirculation, and promote metabolism;

2、 High oxygen content, activate cells and enhance immunity;

3、 Strong solubility, easy to absorb, and accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body.

4、 It is closest to human cell water and has health care function.

Since the human body regulates the acid-base balance through the kidney and respiration, the pH value in the body is constant under normal conditions; However, due to the increase of air pollution, meat eating habits and work pressure, modern people tend to be acidic, which is easy to cause fatigue and sub-health. Epower weak base effervescent tablets are the world's exclusive new weak base water effervescent tablets specially developed for people with acidic constitution and sub-health, with a PH value between 7-8. One of the six standards for high-quality drinking water proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that "the pH value is weakly alkaline, which can neutralize excess acid in the human body". Not only the alkaline ions contained in the "weak alkaline water" can neutralize the acidic substances in the body, but also remove all kinds of health obstacles caused by the acidic constitution. The "weak alkaline water" can also well complete the transportation of nutrients, promote the digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients, and send the metabolic wastes out of the body, so that the body can maintain a healthy state. Therefore, people also call "weak alkaline water" "healthy water".

Why do people with acidic constitution get sick easily?cheap alkaline water maker - qinhuangwater

● The acidic constitution leads to the decrease of enzyme reaction efficiency; The blood viscosity increased and the fluidity decreased; Decreased immune function; Bacteria and fungi live actively in the body; Change the physical properties of red blood cells and affect the efficiency of blood microcirculation, so it is easy to cause diseases.

● The accumulation of acidic wastes in the human body forms an acidic constitution, which is the direct cause of aging, hypertension, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, stomach acid, constipation, osteoporosis, arthritis, gout and other adult diseases. For example, the accumulation of acidic wastes in the body of gout patients leads to high uric acid in the blood. Uric acid salts are deposited around the joints, causing joint swelling Severe pain, thus inducing gout.

● The formation of acidic constitution and acidic waste mainly comes from food. 97% of food ingredients are carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, and most of its metabolites are acidic, including hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, fatty acid and cholesterol acid. However, due to various reasons, such as busy life and polluted environment, it will lead to the low efficiency of acid excretion of the body, so that waste generated in the body cannot be safely discharged from the body. Every day, it is accumulating and eventually forming an acidic constitution and the accumulation of acidic waste.

● During the decomposition of food, acidic substances will be produced, such as phosphoric acid after protein decomposition, and tyrosine, lactic acid, and pyrogrape acid after fat decomposition. These metabolic substances contain toxins.

● Too much acidic substances will increase the blood viscosity, slow the flow, reduce the immune function, and make bacteria and fungi live actively in the body, so it is easy to cause diseases.

● The acid-base substances in the body are not balanced, the metabolism is slow, and the acid poison has been left in the body to become acidic, which will cause adverse consequences to the body.

Acidification of human body is the source of all diseases!

Modern medicine has proved that the human body is a relatively stable and weakly alkaline internal environment. When the human body is weakly alkaline, the body will feel good; On the contrary, they often feel tired and uncomfortable. Modern people are mostly acidic due to their meat, greasy and other eating habits. Professor Leiweng, an American medical scientist and Nobel laureate, believes that acidic constitution is the source of all diseases. When more and more acidic substances are in the body, quantitative change will lead to qualitative change, which will lead to disease. The change of body fluid to acid means the change of human body environment. The change of body environment will naturally affect the cells living in it in an all-round way, making the various functions of cells unable to play, and even leading to cell canceration. It is scientifically confirmed that body fluid acidification and physical acidification are closely related to many diseases, and acidic constitution is the source of all diseases.

Liu Zewen, a famous Japanese medical doctor, once conducted an experiment: he found 100 cancer patients to take blood for examination, and the results showed that the blood of 100 cancer patients was acidic, that is, acidic constitution. New research confirms that the body fluids of SARS patients are almost all acidic. Acidic constitution not only "eats" people's health, but also affects children's intelligence. The University of Oxford in the UK once conducted a follow-up survey on 42 children. The results showed that the more alkaline the cerebral cortex is, the higher the IQ is. On the contrary, IQ is lower. Experts suggest that the most direct way to expel acid is to exercise, which can make the body sweat a lot, take away a lot of acid in the body, and adjust the acid-base balance. In addition, more alkaline substances are added, such as tea, vinegar, weak alkaline drinking water, etc.

People should drink more weakly alkaline water!

In the long-term evolution of life, the human body has formed a relatively stable internal environment that is slightly alkaline. The PH (pH) of normal blood should be about 7.5. This constant phenomenon of PH is called acid-base equilibrium. However, these people only account for about 10% of the total population. Modern people's eating habits lead to excessive intake of acidic food, which makes the human body much more acidic than alkaline. More people's body fluid PH value is below 7.35, and their bodies are in a sub-health state between health and disease.

Newborn babies are generally weakly alkaline body fluids, but with the growth of age, with the external environmental pollution and abnormal living and eating habits in the body, our body gradually becomes acidic. The alkalinity content in human body fluid (including blood) shows a decreasing curve, indicating the degree of acidification, which means aging.

In order to delay aging, modern people begin to pay attention to drinking water health and advocate drinking weakly alkaline water, that is, alkaline water with pH value of 7.0-8.5. Fashion women love to eat fruits and vegetables because these substances naturally metabolize in the body to form alkaline substances. In fact, water is a better "neutralizer" than vegetables and fruits. Natural minerals in water can be directly absorbed by the human body without metabolism, playing a role in maintaining the balance of body fluids. Hanzhentang weak alkali effervescent tablets are exclusively produced in the world. Add 150ml-250ml of drinking water to make a cup of weak alkali water. The PH value is 7.5-8.0. Drinking often is good for your health. 

Why is alkaline constitution healthy?

● Comply with natural laws

From the perspective of traditional medicine, people and nature are closely linked. People are born in nature. The PH (pH) of soil suitable for plant growth in nature is between 7.0 and 8.5, which is weakly alkaline. Therefore, it can be inferred that the human body is healthy when it is weakly alkaline.

● Alkaline body fluid is suitable for cell survival

The so-called weak alkaline constitution means that the body fluids of the main components of our body (a few exceptions) are weak alkaline, which is the most fundamental guarantee for human health.

Why is weak alkaline constitution healthy? 

Because cells are the most basic unit of human body, and body fluid is the internal environment for cells to survive. The observation results show that most body fluids of the human body are weakly alkaline, with the PH value between 7 and 8, except stomach acid and female vaginal secretion which are acidic. This kind of body fluid with PH value is most conducive to cell survival and coordinated operation of various tissues and organs, making people healthy and energetic, not easy to get sick, and easy to recover even if they get sick occasionally.

The two most important single cells of human life, sperm and egg, live in alkaline humoral environment; The amniotic fluid, the environment in which human embryos are born, is also alkaline; The baby was born with weakly alkaline body fluid. Therefore, the body fluid is weakly alkaline, which is the basic condition for a healthy life.