7 Things You Must Do Before Buying A Water Maker?
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7 Things You Must Do Before Buying A Water Maker?

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7 Things You Must Do Before Buying A Water Maker

Tap water is the main source of domestic water, but with the continuous acceleration of the industrialization process, tap water turbidity, impurities, pollution and other issues have attracted more and more attention. As a result, household water purifiers gradually entered thousands of households.

The key to healthy drinking water is to select water purifiers with quality, quality and safety.

Household water purifiers generally have two functions: one is to remove pollutants in water, but to improve the taste of water.

Generally speaking, activated carbon is the most commonly used water purification device. Because activated carbon can not only filter pollutants in water, but also absorb abnormal odor, making water more purified.

There are many kinds of drinking fountains on the market, and the prices vary from hundreds to thousands of yuan. How to choose a safe, reliable and inexpensive water dispenser?

1、 Look at the brand

The first criterion for purchasing water dispensers is not the appearance or price, but the brand. Why? Today, when food safety is the first element, certification by international authorities is very critical. The wading parts of large brand drinking fountains are all made of food grade materials certified by the state, which will not produce heavy metal pollution. However, some small brands or even brand drinking fountains are likely to pursue benefits and reduce costs in the future. They use non food grade materials, such as industrial plastics, which are likely to release harmful substances such as heavy metal stools into the water in contact with water, seriously endangering our health.

2、 See certification

No matter what brand of water dispenser is, we should pay attention to whether the product has passed two certifications: one is the CCEE product certification, which is the authoritative certification of the China Electrical Product Safety Certification Commission on the safety performance of electrical appliances; Second, the provincial government has falsified the approval documents, which are mainly used to guarantee the health performance. All products without these two certifications have potential security risks.

3、 Look at the appearance

In addition to selecting the model you like, you should focus on checking the surface of the box, such as whether the plastic sprayed parts are smooth and bright, uniform in color, without fading, scratches, bubbles, etc. Generally speaking, the plastic surface is smooth and even in color. The plastic with rough color and no light and yellowish color is generally recycled material, which is easy to change color and cause pollution. In addition, check whether the base is flat and firm, and whether the connection joints between plates are straight or hollow, which is the key to check whether the water dispenser shell is firm and impact resistant

4、 See preferencesdomestic water purifier - qinhuangwater

Those who like cold drinks or have a high usage rate in summer can buy hot and cold water dispensers; Do not like cold drinks, usually only used for hot drinks, tea or coffee, can choose to buy warm water dispenser, economical and affordable.

5、 View Type

Barrel water dispenser: This type of water dispenser is the most common and traditional one in the current market. It is generally simple in structure, inexpensive, and does not require a filter element. It usually has two functions: heating and cooling. It mostly uses semiconductor refrigerants. Pay attention to the sanitary performance of the product when purchasing to prevent secondary pollution

6、 Direct drinking machine:

People's concern about water pollution has promoted the innovation of drinking fountains again. Direct drinking fountains should be built, completing the transformation from buying water to making water. The key to purchase a direct drinking water dispenser is not the nanotechnology promoted by the manufacturer, which is not reliable, but the selection of filter element, which is related to the quality of water quality and directly affects our health. The water filtered out varies greatly depending on the material used for the filter element. It is recommended to buy some famous filter elements which are more reliable.

7、At present, the shapes of water purifiers on the market are colorful, but these are not the most important for consumers. "If the quality of the water purifier is not up to standard, the high-quality water may also be polluted." According to Mr. Xiong of Shenzhen Jintianquan Technology Co., Ltd., the basic working principle of the water purifier is to purify the water quality through the built-in filter element, so the quality of the filter element is directly related to the water quality and the service life of the water purifier.

How to judge the quality of water purifier? According to him, there are mainly three kinds of filter materials for the filter element at present: one is ultrafiltration membrane, namely hollow fiber membrane. This material is easy to crack and perforate, especially the unstable water pressure in Guangzhou; The filtering effect of chloride and organic matter in water is not ideal. The second is reverse osmosis membrane, which is generally used in water purifiers. The filtered water is almost equivalent to distilled water, but this method is characterized by waste. According to the industry, only 1/3 liter of tap water is left after filtration. The other is the common activated carbon on the market. This technology is relatively mature and widely used, but there will be saturation problems, which need to be cleaned in time. As for the current water quality in Guangzhou, the filter element will be replaced about once a year.

At present, the functional differentiation of water purifiers is more clear and detailed. According to the habits of daily domestic water use, "home pre filtration" or "coarse filtration" water purification systems that meet the needs of daily vegetable washing and cleaning water, "direct drinking" water purification that meets the needs of drinking water purification, and "soft water" for washing and washing are subdivided. "Consumers can make reasonable choices according to their own range and degree of water purification." For example, the water quality in Guangzhou is not hard. Generally, few people will buy "water softener" water purifier, but for houses in the old city, "coarse filtration" water purifier can solve the annoying problems of rust, red worms, impurities, etc